Kathy with Sierra competing in an American Kennel Club Agility Trial

When you make the decision to train with Top Notch Dog Training your journey to excellence begins. Our philosophy is to climb the rungs of the foundation ladder one rung at a time always reaching for perfection.

The “Beginning Obedience” class teaches the first rung on that ladder. Each dog  needs a foundation of commands and behaviors to build on. As you begin to prepare for the AKC Canine Good Citizen, for some this is the only class they need for a pet to become, just that, a well mannered good citizen. Earning this title is often enough to amaze your friends at what a smart and well behaved dog you have! If you can set aside 6 Saturday mornings, you are ready to begin an adventure that will give you a lifetime bond and relationship with your dog.

2019 AKC Rally National Championship

The next rung up the ladder is the “Advanced Obedience” class. This class moves at a slower pace as we build and strengthen the skills learned in beginner by building and adding a polished and focused heel needed to navigate life’s challenges and distractions. This is also the class that separates the pets from the canine athletes. The purpose here is to build a strong foundation to enable you to easily move into other dog sports. 

Here is a small list of canine sports that require a strong foundation of obedience commands 

  • Obedience
  • Trick Dog
  • Agility
  • Tracking
  • Flyball

for a complete list look on the AKC website of sporting events.