Lots of Congratulations are in order!

Danielle Ames and Bolt won 1st place with a perfect score Friday and 3rd place Sunday earning 2 legs of their Rally Novice Title.

Diane Karius and Toby qualified Friday and won 3rd place Sunday finishing their Rally Novice title.

Brenda Lee qualified with Walter in Rally Excellent Friday and Sunday earning 2 legs of their Rally Excellent title. Brenda and Henry also qualified on Friday and Sunday in Rally Novice winning a 4th place today.

Sarah Irick and Mater qualified Saturday in Rally Intemediate with a sore of 97 to finish their RI title.

Sheryl Meyers and Jetta qualified Friday in Rally Novice finishing their title.

It was a GREAT weekend. Congrats to you all. Your hard work is showing.

Partial group photo..